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Forest plantation maintenance device (Krokowski shaft)

  The Krakowski Shaft is designed for maintenance of plantations aged 1 to 5 years on clearings as well as on former agricultural land. The main task of this unit is to destroy weeds together with root systems, especially on soils overgrown with grass, bilberry, blueberry, reedgrass, fern, bluegrass, fescue, as well as to loosen and level the soil.

  The plantation maintenance device can be used to initiate and increase the efficiency of natural and artificial reforestation.         

  The high efficiency of the machine is ensured by the optimal geometry of the tines and working sections. Thanks to the design features of the working sections, the shaft easily overcomes obstacles in the form of stumps and roots.


Krokowski shaft

Width - 2300 mm

Length - 1850 mm

Height - 1140 mm

Weight - 750 kg

Number of shafts / number of ripping teeth - 2 x 40 pcs.

Width / working depth of one shaft - 650/180 mm

Height of overcoming obstacles - up to 210 mm

Working speed - 3-5 km/h

Tractor type (depends on the surface) - from 90 hp.

Maintenance - 1 person.