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 technologies and equipment

 Micro spray and fogger irrigation system

    Drip irrigation is a highly efficient way to water. A well designed drip system can use up to 30%-50% less water than other methods of watering. Micro spray systems operate at low pressures but use mini spray nozzles instead of emitters to deliver water.


    Location diagram and model of micro sprinkler depends of type of cultivated crop.













    The fogging system is a system that shortens the environment in a short period of time and provides the moisture needed by the plants when used in the greenhouses. 


     The distribution of water in irrigated area is made by micro-sprinklers, fixed in a certain way on the PVC pipe.

    Micro spray and fogger irrigation system includes:

  • main and PE distribution pipes Ø25-40 mm;
  • micro sprinklers and foggers;

  • filter;
  • pipes, couplings, transitions, switch, taps.


    There is a possibility of manual and automatic control when connected to the automation.