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 technologies and equipment

Side ventilation

    Side ventilatıon help to maximize natural ventilation by allowing heat within the structure to escape while also allowing fresh outside air in to the greenhouse. This passive form of agricultural ventilation is very helpful for controlling greenhouse humidity and preventing the formation of condensation which can lead to plant disease. Venting  greenhouse not only cools the temperatures, but it helps to overall improve the growth of your plants with fresh air uptake.  There are several variant for side wall ventilation.


    Manual rolled: 

  Manual rolled ventilation is a manual gearbox with a drive shaft. The operating principle is to winding up the foil on the shaft. It is used in greenhouses with single-layer foil. This allows you to quickly lower the temperature in the greenhouse.


Roll-up curtain setups can be highly customized to suit your unique greenhouse and growing needs. 








     Elevating\Lifting automated - option 1:

   Lifting automated ventilation is a gear motor with a cable-type drive system. The principle of operation is to lifting/lowering the film cover on a special profile. Mainly used in greenhouses with double-layer film.


    The advantages of this ventilation:

  • reduced export of film coating;
  • cooling of the plant root system is excluded, because the opening is from top to bottom.
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    Elevating\Lifting automated - option 2:

    Lifting automated ventilation is a gear motor with a rack-type drive system.  It is used in greenhouses with single-layer and double-layer film.


     The main advantage of this ventilation is the smallest export of film coating.