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 technologies and equipment

Farm greenhouse - width 9 m

The farm greenhouse is a universal tunnel greenhouse, which have the following characteristics.



  • Width: 9 m;
  • Length:  from 30 m;
  • Zenithal height: from 4 m;
  • Gutter height: 1,4 m;
  • Height to horizontal crossbar:  2,4 m;
  • Distance between pillars: 1,5 - 2 m;
  • Ventilation type: roof and/or side;
  • Door: 1,4x2,1 m, located at opposite ends.


Construction elements:

  • The supporting structures are made of galvanized steel pipes of the S235;
  • The main frame is made of galvanized pipe from Ø60х3 mm;
  • All braces and longitudinal ties are made of galvanized pipe from Ø32х1,5 mm;
  • Windproof strengthening are made of the ends;
  • Additional ventilation at the ends due to the possibility of full opening;

  • All structural elements are prepared for assembly using galvanized screws, bolts and joints.


Price and set of delivery can be provided after a technical task with the Customer.