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Farm greenhouses and tunnels

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   Farm greenhouses and tunnels of Innovatek Ltd. are designed for growing berries, vegetables, flowers and seedlings in the spring and autumn period.


   Even-span  tunnels are  a  lightweight  construction  covered  with  a  single-layer  foil,  which  is  fixed  with special clips.  The tunnels are covered with film to the ground, there is a possibility of lifting the foil to a height of about 1 meter, for ventilation of tunnels in hot weather.


   Multispan tunnels are multiple rows of even-span tunnels aligned with each other. Multispan tunnels allow for large areas to be covered to control the growing environment. 


   Construction features of  farm greenhouses and tunnels:

  • design and fabrication of construction are based on the climatic conditions of the installation region;
  • frames are made of galvanized steel pipes, providing full corrosion protection;
  • tunnel width: from 6 to 8,5 m, greenhouse width: from 7 to 9 m;
  • distance between pillars: from 1,5 to 2,2 m;
  • gutter height: from 0,8 to 1,5 m;
  • zenithal height: from 3 to 4,5 m;
  • ventilation type: side, roof and/or frontal;
  • construction include support racks, inner and outer arches, anti-wind struts;
  • the construction is assembled only with bolt and screw joints, it improves reliability compared to the welding method.