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 technologies and equipment

Shade screenning

   Shade curtains help reduce the energy load on a greenhouse crop during warm and sunny conditions and they help reduce heat radiation losses at night. Energy savings of up to 30 percent have been reported, ensuring a quick payback period based on today’s fuel prices. Movable curtains can be operated automatically with a motorized system that is controlled by a light sensor and/or timer.

    Curtain materials are available in many different configurations. There are some types of screens:
1. Energy-saving;
2. Shading;
3. Combined.


    The main characteristics of the system:

  • Covered area: the area of the greenhouse;
  • The system is suspended/hanging automated trapezoidal, horizontal or vertical form;
  • Opening and closing is done by a gearbox with a drive system;
  • It provides shade throughout the area of the greenhouse with the ability to manually/automatically control light and temperature;
  • The drive system is made of stainless steel;
  • Screen material is woven polyethylene/aluminium inserts/acrylic fabric;
  • Shading – from 45%;
  • Energy saving – from 30%;
  • Film fabric resistants to UV radiation.