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 technologies and equipment


    The main parameters of the film:

  • thickness 150 - 200 microns;
  • light transmittance 90%;
  • diffusion factor less 30%;
  • thermal insulating properties (80%);
  • outer film with UV filter (UV blocking 95%);
  • the inner film is covered with anti-condensation membrane;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • uniform diffuse distribution;

  • protected from destruction;
  • service life 5-7 years.


    For fixing the film there are galvanized and/or aluminum profiles with PVC clips and locks, which provide the impermeability of the film coating. This system allows you to quickly install, repair and replace the film coating.


    A lso some tunnels and greenhouses use plastic clips.



 Steel gutters (trays)

    Steel gutters (trays) are designed to place the substrate mats at a certain height, as well as to collect and drain drainage.


    Standard set:

  • galvanized steel tray, thickness 0.6 mm and coating;
  • galvanized hanging poles, with brackets, wire, etc .;
  • support materials;
  • drainage collection materials;
  • materials for fixing the tray at the end walls;
  • stabilizers;
  • fastening materials.