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 technologies, greenhouses and equipment

Industrial greenhouses

   Industrial greenhouses of Innovatech Ltd. are designed on the basis of sectional constructions and satisfy world standards for growing forest, vegetable, flower and any other products all year round.


   Construction features of  industrial greenhouses:

  • design and fabrication of construction are based on the climatic conditions of the installation region;
  • constructions are designed for wind loads from 27 m/s and above; for snow loads from 20 kg/m and above;
  • construction made of steel pipes and hot-dip galvanized elements, that provides long service leave;
  • width 10 - 25 m; high 4 - 10 m;  length 30 - 200 m;

  • the arch or gothic shape of the greenhouses provides better inner illumination of the greenhouse, and reduces snow and wind loads on the frame;
  • construction includes support racks/legs/stands, external and internal arches, противоветровые упрочнения, раскосы, продольные хорды;
  • the construction is assembled only with bolt and screw joints, it improves reliability compared to the welding method;
  • for installation of the construction can use columnar or strip foundations;
  • the doors at the ends are aluminum (steel) sliding.


   Greenhouses are covered with plastic film of world leaders such as POLITIV and Plastica Kritis. Sides,ends and roof ventilation are covered with two layers polyethylene films. Air is blown between the layers to inflate them to provide air for insulation. In terms of heat conservation, a double layer of poly will reduce heat loss during the winter by 30–40% in comparison to glass, thus lowering fuel expenses. As for light transmittance a double poly glazing will reduce light transmittance by 15%. Inside a poly covered greenhouse the sun’s rays will be scattered and thus can be received by the plants from all directions.