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Weeding brush

  The weeding brush is a pioneering development for weed control. The device has proven itself in forest nurseries and specialty crops.


  It is a mechanical device for controlling weeds between rows of plants. It gets rid of weeds without disturbing plants and roots.


  The brushes are made of wear-resistant material and are perfect for stony soil. Thanks to their flexibility, the brushes can work closely around the plants. This reduces manual labor costs and minimizes the use of spraying agents.


  The brush is suspended from a spring-loaded parallelogram and therefore floats above the bed, which ensures an ideal working depth.

    Standard equipment:

  • Min. row spacing 120 mm
  • Protective guards   
  • Flexible brushes
  • Double-acting parallelogram
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Number of rows - from 2 to 6
  • Comfortable operator's seat