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Root trimmer (vertical and horizontal)

  The device is designed for mechanization of work in a forest nursery. It can be combined with agricultural tractors working in nurseries. Simple design guarantees trouble-free operation. The depth of cultivation is regulated by means of copying wheels and reaches 380 mm.

  The working blade is interchangeable, with the possibility of installing staples of different widths when using one frame. The design of the device foresees the possibility of additional installation of vertical knives with adjustable position for lateral pruning of seedlings. The pruning position (width) is adjustable depending on the needs. After replacing the implement, the device can be used as a staple digger. To increase stability, especially at considerable working depths, the device is equipped with metal weights, which are used as required, depending on the working depth and soil moisture. Depth adjustment is made by adjusting the position of the copying wheels.


Technical data:

Type - mounted, on three-point linkage of the tractor
Working width - 1250 mm, 1450 mm and 1650 mm
Length - 750 mm
Height (without support legs) - max. 1480 mm
Height (with support legs) - max. 2290 mm
Weight (without weights) - 230 kg
Working depth - 380 mm
Weights - 20 kg × 10 pcs.
Working speed - 2-5 km/h
Service - 1 person.