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Elho Tornado 440 chain mulcher for roads and verges - Finland

      A very mobile chain mulcher for general purposes. It is easy to operate: the mulcher arm is lowered and the machine is ready to work even in difficult, hardened terrain. The sturdy frame with mechanical release provides an access range of up to 4.4 meters from the tractor's central axle. The drive via PTO shaft provides greater mobility and freedom for the cutting unit at low articulation angles.

     The Tornado 440 can also be used with a light tractor, as the machine has a moderate dead weight due to the use of high-strength steel for the support structures. The lightweight construction is particularly beneficial when clearing ditches and ditch edges, where the risk of ditch collapse is reduced. The Tornado 440 can also reach the bottom of large ditches and clears forest edges with ease.


Working width

160 cm

Maximum access (from the tractor centerline)

440 cm

Tilt of the mulcher

90 degrees up, 35 degrees down


hardened chains

(2 pcs.)

Power transmission fuse

overrunning clutch

Front guard

chain curtain

Rear protection

rubberized fabric


800 kg