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Greenhouses and tunnels

  ZKS Center is a complex that includes technologies for the production of planting material with closed root system (CRS). The complex is used for harvesting, processing, storing and sowing seeds into cassettes, growing seedlings in a greenhouse, hardening seedlings, digging, packing and storing seedlings, as well as planting seedlings in the forest.


   The structure of the center is quite complex and consists of a number of necessary subsystems and elements, the volumes of which are determined when planning the establishment of the centers, depending on the tasks they perform, from seed collection to the production of finished planting materials. The planting structure itself consists of two departments - seed and school. The former is responsible for harvesting, drying and sowing of prepared good quality seeds and growing seedlings, while the latter is responsible for transplanting one- to two-year-old seedlings to the school and finishing them to planting condition.


    The WQS of the center usually includes the following equipment: