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Drum-type irrigation machines (sprinkler irrigation) are currently leading the way in irrigation and watering systems for many small and medium-sized farms. These are mobile units, which have various nozzles and which can work with untreated water.

The drum type sprinkler is a trailed, tractor towed agricultural machine for irrigating fields and plots of land after placing it in the required location. To move and start the machine in the field, it is necessary to use a special "towing shackle" available on the drawbar. The machine is designed for irrigation of large agricultural, forestry areas with the help of sprinkler system (sprinkler) or irrigation boom.

Sprinkler machines are based on the idea of irrigating large areas without the need for human presence, as the return of the flexible pipe is accomplished through the provided automated systems.


Once the sprinkler cart is correctly positioned on the surface to be irrigated, the logic of operation consists in directing pressurized water to the water supply pipe on the machine, which through its force drives the impeller of the turbine located on the shaft at the inlet of the speed reducer, and which in turn starts the rotary motion of the drum around which the flexible pipe made of polyethylene is wound.


The pipe has one end connected to the center shaft of the rotating drum and the other end to a wheeled cart that supports the device (sprinkler) by which the liquid is distributed on the surface of the irrigated area.

The turbine with integrated bypass is directly connected to a 3, 4 or 6 speed gearbox in an oil bath.


The turbine and gearbox are manufactured using high quality materials to ensure long life and quality performance.


The direct coupling, speed selectable gearbox and turbine with integrated bypass and speed controller guarantee excellent performance with low energy consumption.

Standard equipment includes:

  • mechanical cart lift;
  • telescopic mechanical support;
  • gearbox;
  • power take-off mechanism;
  • pressure gauge;
  • winding handle;
  • hot-dip galvanized;
  • polyethylene hose.

  Main features:

  • hose diameter on the reel - from 40 mm
  • hose length - from 100 mm
  • telescopic hydraulic legs
  • flexible pipe connection
  • set of 3 nozzles of different diameters 26/28/30 mm
  • pressure gauge, tachometer
  • safety system